Bartlett, Texas, is a small town in central Texas, founded in 1896 as a hub of the cotton industry.  Bartlett was a hustling, bustling town that despite its small population of approximately 1,200, had three banks!  


As beautiful and historic as it is, Bartlett began becoming more and more like a ghost town as Walmart moved in 15 miles down the road and the US economy went into a slump.  Stores closed and the two blocks of buildings that were built in and around the early 1900's became abandoned or used as residences.  Now, however, its charm and unique personality are being more recognized; new businesses are opening; new people are moving in!  Every weekend, people from surrounding areas are leaving the cities and escaping to the beautiful and peaceful countryside and farmland outside of Georgetown/Round Rock/Austin and discovering Bartlett.  


​To give more and more people the opportunity to discover Bartlett, Bartlett on the Bricks was founded by  residents Karen Kennedy and Jennifer Welch, for the express purpose of creating monthly events that showcase Bartlett and give folks a reason to find Bartlett.  A team of dedicated and enthusiastic residents work hard to create events that are unique, fun and memorable. 


Bartlett is a rural town with a country flavor.  Our events highlight our "down home" roots and country atmosphere.  Be prepared to sit on a hay bale to ride around town (no Uber), sweat in our un-air conditioned buildings, and  search for outhouses instead of port-a-potties.  Our music is absolutely home grown, the beer is cold and the BBQ is out of this world.  


Bartlett is our home and bringing people to see our history and charm helps all of us.  You an donate your time by clicking on the "Contact" button, or your money by clicking on the "Donate" button.  Monetary donations are used primarily for printing and getting the word out about our Events.

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